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This is a recipe I found in a recent copy of Delicious magazine. I wanted to bake something special for my husband on his birthday. He’s a big fan of lemon, and I mean a BIG fan of lemon – he’s famous for his lemon meringue pie which contains 3-6 times the recommended dose of lemon in every serve. So when I saw the recipe for these tarts, with whole lemon slices as part of the filling, I thought excellent, this will give him his lemon fix.

The pastry is super easy and cheaty because it’s a store-bought pastry, BUT, not the usual stuff you get from the supermarket. It’s Careme vanilla bean shortcrust pastry, available from selected gourmet stores (see their website for details). Yeah it’s a bit expensive but it’s extremely delicious, and saves you making your own. I know Jamie Oliver says it’s sooooo easy, but you roll, this, you chill that, you try to get it so it doesn’t all fall apart all the time…to hell with that, just buy this fancy gourmet pastry which is also available in butter, sour cream and dark chocolate flavours.

iPhone 015So anyway, the filling is way easy, but requires special tools. I had to buy a mandoline, which I’ve never thought to use before – it’s a thingy that lets you slice stuff really really thinly. It’s actually really cool and I hope to use it in the future to slice lots of other things really really thinly, like….yeah I can’t think of anything. Maybe more lemons and limes for cake or tart decorating.

So yes, you finely slice your lemons and take out all the annoying seeds, and then put them in a bowl with caster sugar and a split vanilla bean overnight. Yep, this is one of those two-day jobbies. But then the next day all you have to do is take all the lemon slices out of the sugar and whisk some eggs into the remaining sugar and vanilla mixture. Then that becomes your tart filling and you just layer the lemons on top. Super easy!

About now I’m wishing I had the actual lemon recipe to share with you but I figure since it’s out of Delicious magazine it will probably appear on eventually. So uh…keep checking back there.

The story ends with a very happy husband on his birthday. I got the eyes falling back in the head, “oh my GOD” reaction I was hoping for. I tried to eat one myself but it was kind of full-on with so much lemon, I could only handle about half a small tart. But that’s the way he likes it.

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