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Ricotta cake...I can see you through the misty haze...come to meee....

Ricotta cake...I can see you through the misty haze...come to meee....

I had heard rumours of this cake. Foolishly, I had turned them aside. Then one day, Justine, a contestant of the show Masterchef Australia, said in an interview something along the lines of:

“[The Masterchef chocolate mousse cake] is one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. One of the best, like Haberfield ricotta cake.”*


I MUST HAVE THIS HABERFIELD RICOTTA CAKE! A quick search of the internet revealed this cake to be in the famous Pasticceria Papa. You know, that shop on the corner in Haberfield with all the biscuits? You know the one. I’d been in there heaps of times and never tried the ricotta cake. Unthinkable!

So I went to this haven of untold ricotta delights and asked for ricotta cake. I don’t know if I was delighted or disappointed when I was told they sold it by the slice, since it meant I didn’t have an excuse to have to buy a whole cake. Anyway, I took the cake home and ate a slice.


It’s a simple cake, with lightly whipped sweet ricotta filling, which has a mousse-like texture. the outside of the cake is soft and moist. Overall it would make for a rather nice cake, but then it is dusted with icing sugar and CINNAMON, which adds an extra dimension to the flavour and makes the cake utterly delectable.

The best thing about this cake is that the flavours are light and balanced, they don’t overpower the palate with sweetness, something I find is hard to achieve without cutting through the sweetness with something tart like fruit. Speaking of which, I wonder if this cake would go well with poached pears or stewed rhubarb?

*I have a terrible memory, so she probably said something entirely different. All I really remember is “something something Masterchef cake is one of the best something something HABERFIELD RICOTTA CAKE”

UPDATE: My good friend and cake connisseur Annie informs me that the cakes are best bought whole, because the slices tend to dry out a bit. So I do have an excuse to buy a whole cake after all! :D

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