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This “How it’s made” series of videos absolutely fascinate me. Check out these ones in particular, which show how some baked goods are mass-made in factories.

Howdy all, hoo-eee, do I have some mighty purdy links for you.

First up, there is 31 Awesome Cakes to Celebrate Your Divorce. A lot of these are pretty gruesome, I guess divorce makes people a bit homicidal. Just as long as they’re channelling that feeling into making delicious cake and not into stabbing people, then that’s okay with me.

Then there is Cupcake Day for the RSPCA – baking delicious cakes for a worthy cause. A friend of mine is participating in this, which I think is just grand. I like the creative cupcake ideas, although I’ve always regarded marzipan modelling for decorations as cheating, mainly because I don’t like the taste of marzipan very much and most Aussies I know generally don’t like it much either. Anyway it’s way more challenging to use other stuff. I once saw a Donna Hay sheep cupcake made with popcorn for wool, which was kind of inspired but a bit weird looking.

Finally, we have Cake Wrecks, some kind of online museum of cake horror. It kind of reminds me of two cake horror stories I heard. One was a cake ordered over the phone with a special message on it, and when the cake turned up the message literally said something like “Susan best wishes then underneath something like we will miss you and good luck or something along those lines”. The other horror story was of a bride who showed a photocopied picture of a cake to her cakemaker and so the cakemaker made her a black and white wedding cake (the photocopy was in black and white).

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The French House, Waterloo

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