It’s Sydney International Food Festival time, and you know what that means – Sugar Hit time! After hitting the noodle markets for some very tasty okonomiyaki, I sauntered around the corner with my friends Ros and Ryan to the awesomely named restaurant Monkey Magic for a post-noodle sugar hit.

After reminiscing about the show Monkey Magic on the way there, we were pleased to find that the restaurant of the same name lived up to our nostalgia-driven expectations. It’s dark, chocolatey-coloured and has clouds on the walls.

We rocked up at about 7.30 and were told that the Sugar Hit was usually served from 9pm, but it didn’t matter. Excellent. We had a choice of a glass of Brown Brothers “Patricia” Reisling, cognac or Japanese plum wine. Ros and I opted for the plum wine and

Ryan went for the cognac simply to break the trend. The plum wine was great – very balanced. Sweet, but not sickly so, and the plum flavour was pretty subtle.

The dessert was a black sesame creme caramel with toffee syrup, served with red wine-poached pear and coconut ice-cream. A sweet, crunchy bread stick was also served with it, which I quite liked. Actually I started eating it before I remembered to take a photo, which I had warned my friends I was likely to do. Luckily they weren’t quite as eager as me, so I took a photo of Ros’s plate instead.

The ice-cream had a kind of red spice sprinkled on top that I couldn’t identify, but was a little peppery. The creme caramel was quite rich – creamy and sweet. It tasted great but we struggled to finish it. Ros said that she didn’t usually like pears, but the red wine-poached pears were delicious. Ryan said with a name like Monkey Magic, how could you possibly go wrong? I can’t argue with logic like that!

After this experience, I’d love to go back to Monkey Magic to try stuff on their regular menu, and I think all three of us have an urge to watch some episodes of that 80′s Japanese TV show now. Luckily I have the full box set.

Try it yourself, at:
Monkey Magic
410 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW

Sugar Hit is available nightly during the month of October from 9pm.

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