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Some of you may have noticed that there is now a Flickr photostream down the right-hand side of this blog, showing a delicious feed of goodies. This is my endless stream of cakes – enjoy! The idea is that several “cake papparazi” will take photos of cakes and other sweet things “in their natural habitat” and upload them to the cake photostream.

This means taking pictures of really good looking cakes. The main rule is – the cake has to physically be in front of you, no stolen pics off the internet. Homemade or store made is fine. I’ll try to put a little information about the locations of each cake so that if you see a really delicious one, you might know where to find it.

So far my recruitment drive for cake papparazi has been pretty dismal. Several people have responded with enthusiasm but the only person actively stalking cakes is me. But no matter, I see enough cakes to keep you all entertained, so keep an eye on that photostream!

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An endless stream of cakes
The French House, Waterloo

The French House, Waterloo

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