victoriaroomhighteaMy husband and I are what you may call High Tea connoisseurs. To be more accurate, we have been spoiled by the exceptional standard of High Tea at the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane, and every High Tea experience we have is measured against it. To date, we have not found an experience to meet that standard in Sydney.

So bearing that in mind, it may come as no surprise to you that High Tea at The Victoria Room in Sydney was disappointing. There were positives – the décor was lovely, the setting was comfortable and the service was excellent. The selection of sweets were delicious and the tea refills were free (which is something other high tea venues in Sydney don’t often offer).

However, for the $38pp we paid, there was not a lot of food. On offer were eight finger sandwiches, eight sweet treats and only two scones to share between the two of us. Usually high tea is a decadent experience that leaves the stomach fit to burst, so we were hungry by the time we arrived, and we scoffed most of it within 20 minutes. High tea is generally about tea and scones, and the lack of scones was almost as disappointing as the quality of the scones. There was only one choice of jam, and it was runny.

The paper tablecloth was irritating, as it kept getting in the way as it hung off the edge of the table. And paper tablecloths at high tea? The Queen would not dine here.

I think this would be an excellent venue for a girls’ afternoon tea party, for those who would enjoy the novelty of a “posh” tea experience. To their credit, it is a beautiful venue and I think that cocktails and supper would be absolutely delightful there. But of all the High Teas we have tried in Sydney to date, this is not among the best.

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  • riini says:

    I’ve never been to Samford Plaza but have you been to Tea And Niceties at Mt Tambourine? I’ve been there on after hearing its recommendations and it was the best experience ever. Nice atmosphere, delicious food, great tea and the attention to detail is amazing.

  • Trisherino says:

    Sounds delightful! It’s definitely going on my list of places to try!

  • Lisa says:

    We just celebrated my daughter’s 11th birthday at the Victoria Room and thought it was absolutely fabulous. We would all go back again and again. You are right, the the décor was lovely, the setting was comfortable and the service was excellent. The selection of sweets were delicious and the tea refills were free. Our daughter was treated like a princess and was given an extra special cake with a candle. The staff sang happy birthday to her and even gave her a very large mocktail with a lovely flower to decorate it. If there had been any more food I would have gone away feeling horribly bloated. We had six finger sandwiches, four cakes and one very large scone each. That was plenty.

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