Wedding cake

Glorious, no?

This was my wedding cake. It was made by the amazing Welsh Lady (Brisbane). When I started planning my wedding, the cake was the first thing I planned. People kept asking me about the dress and rings and stuff – to hell with that! I knew what was important. The design went through a few incarnations and I worked with a few different bakers, and finally Gwen (aka The Welsh Lady) and I came up with this amazing design. When I saw the finished result, I couldn’t stop looking at it. There’s a picture of me telling my bridal party to rack off because I’m busy looking at the cake.

I wanted a wedding cake made of cupcakes, but I didn’t want it to look like a kid’s birthday party. The cupcake wrappers and the roses really helped to make the cakes elegant. The cupcake wrappers were from Fancy Flours, but I recently found a place in Sydney called Alfresco Emporium that also sells them, which is great because shipping to Australia from the US costs heaps. And for any Aussies cursing all the good stuff being in Sydney, the good news is that you can order the wrappers from Alfresco Emporium online.

Each cake was a delicious chocolate mud cake with chocolate mousse piped into the centre. This was topped with fresh cream and a fresh rose on top. One of the guests was sure that the rose was edible too, and he proved it by eating one. Yes, I guess technically they are edible, but….yeah don’t eat them. When it comes to event cakes, edible flowers made from sugar are beautiful and impressive, but you can save heaps of money by using fresh ones instead.

The top tier of the cake hid a lemon cake covered in fresh cream, with a white chocolate pattern on the outside designed to match the cupcake wrappers.

I knew that the guests would be stuffed after the rest of the meal, so I provided decorated noodle boxes when the cakes were served so that guests could take their cakes home for later if they wanted to. This seemed pretty popular with the guests, although some guests couldn’t wait. One guest even received a cupcake to the face from her fiancee, much to her confusion. Although she did tell me later that it was delicious.

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  • nicollette says:

    I love this look I just wonder how much will cost something like this

    Thank you very much

  • Trisherino says:

    Hi Nicolette, it would depend who your suppliers are. The roses, cakes and cupcake wrappers and cake stand were all from different suppliers. I can’t remember the exact price, but I think it was less than AU$800 for everything. Cake makers can often give you a price per cupcake (this one had 100 cupcakes), and there wasn’t much actual cake decorating involved, so that kept the price down.

    I bought the stand myself but we sold it to the cake maker, so it was essentially free. :) But cake makers will usually have their own stands that you can rent for a small price.

  • stephfanie says:

    This is beautiful, it is similar to what I want for my wedding. I am just curious about how the cake cutting ceremony goes. Do the bride and groom cut a cupcake together? And I love the idea of the decorative boxes to take them home!!

  • Trisherino says:

    The top tier is a regular-sized cake, so we cut that cake during the ceremony. The decorative boxes were really popular!

  • kayleigh says:

    hiya i really would like this cake as my wedding cake cud u tell me how u went about getting it please it is beautiful

  • Trisherino says:

    Hi Kayleigh, if you take the picture to a cake maker then they should be able to make it for you. Just buy the cupcake wrappers from the websites that I linked in the article.

  • Sanchez says:

    Hey I know you said you bought your own cupcake stand … do you remember or do you have a link to it …. i want to do this wedding cake for someone and i want to get it perfectly right :) help please :)

  • Trisherino says:

    Hi Sanchez. Sorry, it was my Mum who ordered the stand and it was too long ago to remember where it was ordered from. She just found it online though, so you might be able to find it if you search for clear perspex cupcake stands online.

  • Sanchez says:

    thankk you :) yea i figured …. i saw some online but the cupcakes looked like they didnt fill the space and had like big gaps lol but ok i will look around thank you

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